Australian outback
Still Life



The ancient Greek word 'Eidòla', or 'Idol', as we now use it, meant not only
an image, but an insubstantial form, or apparition, even a phantom of the mind.

'Ka', The ancient Egyptian word literally meaning 'Double'. The Ka was an
abstract personality, possessing the attributes of the person to whom it belonged.

We now call it our "Soul'.

People often ask what I try to achieve when painting someone. Obviously I try to get a good likeness but more importantly I strive to capture the essence of the person - what some would call their soul.

As you will see in the gallery I often include a background, or place people in
an environment that shows something that is of particular importance to them.

People ask me to paint them, or someone they care for, for a number of reasons. Perhaps to preserve an image, an impression of that person for future generations. Perhaps as a present to the subject.

My paintings are created using a range of media but mostly acrylics or oils. My work covers many subjects including exotic animals, theatre personalities and images, sports (mostly tennis), and the Australian outback.


Exhibition News

My new gallery is now open - 219 Ironstone Range Road, Dawesley, SA